• zaBird


    Innovative cat toy based on our own design, the za-Bird comes with several interchangeable attachments produced with real feathers.

    If you have not witnessed a cat’s reaction to the za-Bird first-hand,  then you are in for an experience. Even the laziest couch potato becomes obsessive compulsive when it sees and hears this feather toy, and cats literally leap to new heights in their pursuit  of the za-Bird.

    This is the most invigorating and innovative cat toy currently on the market and great for playing outside, inside only with adequate space.

    Recommended as a great way to exercise your cat, it is also ideal for bonding with a new kitten or cat.

    The zaBird is  a special fishing rod with three sections that extend to about 1 meter. The soft foam handle fits comfortably into the hand and allows tireless playing with your cat until it gives up.

    There are various refills available to replace the detachable end of the toy.

    • a large soft handle, making long playing possible without fatigue or discomfort
    • collapsible, so easily stored in a draw to keep it away from cats when not playing
    • light weight and extremely flexible to prevent a hard jerk when the cat catches feathers


    With the zaBird it is easy to get your cat to run, jump and hunt, the appropriate way for any cat to play and stay fit. A fit cat is a healthy cat.

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    zaBird Refills

    For more fun, alternatives and adventure, the zaBird offers several Refills manufactured by hand from primarily feathers and other materials like bells, foils, etc.

    Three of the Refills rotate when drawn through the air, emulating and sounding like the flight of an injured bird, something no cat can resist.

    All Refills are designed to be used with the zaBird feather toy rod.

    • Various colourful and unusual Refills to chose from to extend the variation of your zaBird rod
    • Designed for exciting and varied playing with your cat
    • Ideal for replacing damaged Refills or just to give your zaBird a new shine
    • High quality product made from selected materials to provide long lasting playing fun


    The zaBird Refills are ideal for cat owners who want to provide their cats with some variation. They provide people with the ability to individually customise the zaBird rod according to their preferences.

    Provide your clients with the variations available and excite them with the alternatives!

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    zaBouncer Flower Teaser

    The zaBouncer is the designer toy for the appropriate engagement with your cat.

    The various materials, crinkle foil, feathers in various colours, sizes and forms impress even the most snobbish cats.


    • Easy and comfortable use due to a long, flexible yet strong stick
    • Play action filled games with your cat – without having to strain yourself!
    • The crinkle foil will very soon condition your cat to the sound of the toy
    • Available in three different colours in


    Der zaBouncer ist ein vielseitiges Katzenspielzeug das drinnen- und draußen verwendet werden kann. Dabei bietet er mit den unterschiedlichen visuellen und auditiven Reizen nicht nur einen hohen Spaßfaktor für die Katze, sondern ist aufgrund seines modernen und chicen Designs auch für Besitzer eine echte Augenweide. Eine intuitive Benutzung, leichtes Gewicht und eine lange Produktlebensdauer machen dieses Katzenspielzeug zum Verkaufsschlager!

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    The zaCrinkle balls come in a pack of 4 in four different colou combinations.

    The light weight balls with their sparkling look and are ideal for keeping cats occupied. Due to their properties the balls don’t roll very far when batted, making them perfect for cats and kittens.

    • Light weight, ideal for cats to play with and pick up
    • The crinkle sound and reflective foil will interest even the most snobbish cat

    A small toy with big impact!

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    zaTeazer Classic Teaser

    The zaTeaser triggers two hunting instincts in your cat through the pom-pom shaped coloured feather end  and the bell.

    The longer stick also differentiates this teaser to ‘tease with ease’ and keep your cat active without straining yourself.

    • Light weight and long
    • Additional bell and crinkle ball
    • Available in 3 colours


    The zaTeaser allows for comfortable yet fast playing, with having to move much yourself. It is suited for in- and out-doors and thanks to the bell has your cat come running for play time.

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