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    CAT’S BEST is truly the best cat litter any cat-lover will ever come across. Available as Oko Plus (standard) and Nature Gold (for medium to longhair cats) it has unbelievable clumping and absorption capabilities, allowing a 4.6Kg (10L) bag of cat litter to last one cat 10 weeks!Catsbest-Nature-Gold-all

    More importantly, there is no smell from the urine, as this is absorbed into the clumps. This despite never throwing away any unused litter, all you do is top up once a week.

    It is 100% biological, compost-able, contains no chemical additives and can even be disposed of in the toilet

    Cat’s Best cat litter is imported from Germany, where it has been produced by JRS (J. Rettenmaier & Sons) for over 3 generations and sold the world over.

    Made from natural organic fibres, it is compost-able and 100% biodegradable. With absorption capabilities of 7 times its volume in water, it also binds smells inside the capillary system of the coniferous wood fibres.

    Due to its amazing clumping capabilities, Cat’s Best can be used for 4-6 weeks while only removing the soiled litter, making it up to three times more efficient than other clumping litters.

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