Cat’s Best Öko Plus

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    CATS BEST Öko Plus – organic clumping cat litter
    made from 100% organic plant fibres


    The benefits speak for themselves:

    more economical & efficient – a litter filling can last 4-6 weeks before being replaced

    excellent absorptionabsorbs up to 700% of its volume in moisture
    (mineral cat litter absorbs around 200%)

    strong odour controldespite no artificial or chemical additives

    less to transportapprox. 1/3 of the weight of mineral cat litter

    ecological – made of 100% natural plant fibres

    significantly less waste – only remove the clumped litter

    compost-able and 100% biodegradable – easy to dispose of in your garden

    clumped litter can  be disposed of in the normal toilet (Be sure to check your local  disposal regulations)

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