Cat’s Best Nature Gold

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    CATS BEST Nature Gold – organic clumping cat litter
    specially designed for longhair cats

    The advantages of the clumping Mini Power Pellets – 30% higher density compared to Öko Plus, making them more absorbent and heavier, resulting in less tracking.

    less adhesion to fur ideal for medium to longhair cats

    less tracking pellets do get carried out of the litter box as much

    more economical & efficient – a litter filling can last 4-6 weeks before being replaced

    excellent absorptionabsorbs up to 700% of its volume in moisture
    (mineral cat litter absorbs around 200%)

    strong odour controldespite no artificial or chemical additives

    less to transportapprox. 1/3 of the weight of mineral cat litter

    ecological – made of 100% natural plant fibres

    significantly less wasteonly remove the clumped litter

    compost-able and 100% biodegradableeasy to dispose of in your garden

    clumped litter can  be disposed of in the normal toilet (Be sure to check your local disposal regulations)

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